Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sharky's Mooloolaba Report

Surprisingly once sleep came last night at 1:30am I slept soundly until waking at 4:30 thinking I had slept through the alarm. It was like one of those bonuses where you look at your watch and realise you still have an hour of precious sleep to go. The last time I slept in a car was in Italy back in 1993. I was in Rome with my flame at the time and we couldn’t afford accommodation so slept for one week in the front seat of a tiny four cylinder car. It was actually quite comfortable then and last night was no different.

Without boring you with too much detail about my race, really all I need to say is that my diabolical plan worked. While I was not buzzing with excitement or anything, once the horn sounded for my start I just clicked into race mode and did what my body and mind knows best. My wave started reasonably early at 7:16am and 2 hours and 26 minutes later my race was done and dusted. Conditions were a choppy surf in places, an incredible tailwind for the first 20km’s on the bike that saw speeds of 50kmph possible and a crosswind for the return leg slowing the top end speed but still possible to get into the 30’s still. Drafting was pretty good this year with the 3 and 4 minute gaps between waves spreading the field out sufficiently; resulting in no really large packs forming. It was overcast for the majority of the race and the heat was not really a factor. At least not for the earlier wave starts. Different story altogether for the teams not starting until 8:40.

All in all I am pleased I approached the race with the laid back attitude and to be perfectly honest the night in the car and the writing of the blog was just what I needed to clear my head and get back in the game. As soon as I finished today’s race I had an hours wait until I could get my bike out of transition at 11am. I was on the road and back in Brisbane by 12:45pm. Keen to get home to try out my new mower and brush cutter on a lawn that desperately needed some attention after all this rain. A few weeks ago someone decided they needed my mower and brush cutter more than I did. In the darkness of a Saturday night the buggers walked into my back yard, unscrewed the security lights, ripped the lock off the garden shed and walked out with not just the mower and the brush cutter but the can of petrol as well! That same weekend a number of homes in the area were hit and only garden equipment was taken. The cops told me the gang steal the stuff; sell it either at the markets or at Cash Converters, and use the little money that they make on drugs.

Anyway that is my Sunday, the lawn looks good, my body is pleasantly tired from a revisiting of how I use to approach triathlons in the 80’s and I am once again looking forward to my next race at Redcliffe in a month’s time.
I hope your weekend was great!
Take care.

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