Sunday, 7 April 2013

Mt Mee Training Day - Smiling for Smiddy 07/04/13

The weekend just gone saw 22 enthusiatic Smiddy riders descend on Adam Smiddy Park for a 5:30am ride to the top of Mt Mee and back. We organised this ride for those riders doing the Noosa Smiddy 4 day event that starts on Anzac Day on April 25, the Midi Smiddy 3 day ride which begins on May 17 and the French Alps trip on June 16th. All three events are notorious for the amount of climbing involved, so the Mt Mee ride was a most appropriate course.

Perfect conditions greet riders

You could not have asked for better conditions with the rain staying away and overcast skies keeping the temperature in the low 20's. Our ever loyal Smiddy helper in Kevin Enchelmaier once again provided his professional tailing services to keep the group safe from behind. Kevvy, on behalf of the riders, thanks again for giving up a few hours of your time on Sunday to take care of the bunch.
The riders managed to stay together until Samford but the hills out of Samford split the peloton and we had a regroup at Dayboro. From there the riders went at their own pace up the infamous 6km Mt Mee climb and the Dayboro Bakery was a welcome 20 minute food stop. For ten of the Smiddy riders it was their first time up Mt Mee and the joy was evident as each one made it back to the bakery.

Getting to know Kevvy

Getting back to Samford the sun tried to make its presence felt but mostly it stayed away. The group rode well together and only split up on the climbs back into Samford. We said goodbye to Captain Kev here, who then turned around and drove back to Dayboro, which is where he lives with his very understanding and supportive wife Mary. Kevvy is amazing as he volunteers for nearly every Smiddy event, plus all the training days and never asks for a thing in return. Kev lost his Dad to cancer and since that day has endlessly helped out where he can for a variety of causes, but his loyality has been with Smiddy since 2007. How lucky are we!

Jim loves climbing!

It was in Samford that I informed the group we would be going back via Settlement road due to less traffic. Jim Houston, who loves climbing massive hills, loudly said, "there is a reason there is less traffic that way, as there is a stupidly steep climb involved." With that said he took off like a shot up the Samford climb and attempted to get the jump on the field. It was a pretty good try by the experienced man but failed miserably! Going up Settlement road we had a regroup at the top and while we were waiting word got to us that one of the riders was lying on the side of the road. Chappy, our helpful shepherd, was off like a shot to make sure the said rider was okay. It appears that he was okay, just exhausted and needing a little R&R. He was all smiles when he crested the top 5 minutes later. to the applause of the group. Name withheld for protection of rider!

The story of Smiddy Park

Back at Smiddy Park we had our customary Smiddy Huddle and I thanked the group for their enthusiasum and inspiring efforts for not only putting time into getting ready physically, but for taking their fund raising goals seriosuly as well. I told the group the story of Adam Smiddy Park, how we flew Adam's parents down from Townsville in 2009 and surprised them with the opening of a park that was named after their son. A park that would be there long after you and I have passed away. A park to always honour the memory of a mate whose life was tragically cut short due to cancer. How on that day, when Counciller Peter Matic unveiled the sign, that the Smiddy family and half the 150 people present got caught up in the signifcance of the opening and shed a few tears.

All up it was a great day out and really nice to see that some of the riders who were struggling on previous rides have stepped up to the plate, put in the hard yards and shown significant improvement. Keep April 21 free for the next Smiddy training day.


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