Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Today August 6 is the 7 year anniversary of my mate Adam Smiddy passing away from Melanoma. May I invite you to click on this link and watch a short DVD that was made just recently explaining how the whole Smiling for Smiddy phenomena began. I do hope you enjoy learning a little about what drives me and getting to know one of the most extraordinary blokes you could ever hope to meet in my mate Adam Smiddy.


After watching this DVD I have included my own fundraising link just below these words if you feel inspired to make a donation. No amount is too big or too small. My personal goal this year is to raise $10,000. In 7 years we are closing in on $5 million dollars raised through Smiddy events. All because of people like you reading this and helping us to take action through your generosity. Thank you.


Spare a thought for those closest to you!
As you read this email spare a thought for the loss of my mate Adam Smiddy, who died 7 years ago today. Please spare a thought for Adam’s parents, David and Maria Smiddy, and their immediate family. Today is their toughest day of each year. And spare a thought for those people close to you that you have lost or are going through their own battle as we speak. Spare a thought for the reasons you are doing the Smiddy Challenge.

Your actions speak louder than words.
Each and every one of you who have signed up as a rider or formed part of the road crew, or donated to Smiddy, thank you. Thanks for being part of this eighth anniversary Smiling for Smiddy Challenge and for showing that you care enough to do something.

Adam and Sharky's heart to heart
Each year on Adam’s anniversary I like to share a story about my mate. To tell this story upsets me, but I like to think this is Adam’s way of getting you guys to the doctors for a check-up, or if you notice a friend, family member, loved one, or a work colleague who should be getting a check-up than please act now, not later. Finally this story is about time; value the time you have on this beautiful planet and value the time you have with those people that mean most to you.

Since losing Adam, time has become my most precious commodity. Let me explain why… Five weeks prior to Adam passing away I did a bike ride around the Brisbane ‘river loop’ with Adam and our close friends, Rowan Foster and Andrew Schindler. Afterwards, we all stopped at Park Road for a coffee and a chat and when Rowan and Andrew left, Smiddy and I decided to hang around and order another coffee.

Around that time, Adam was in remission from his cancer and I was dealing with the breakdown of my marriage of 7 years. So it was normal for Adam and I to have some heart-to-heart sessions. Adam was always so considerate and would always sit quietly and hear his friends out. Only after the conversation was near completion would he talk about any issues he had going on. At first it was just small talk and I could tell he was beating around the bush. I knew something wasn’t right and I told him it was okay to get it off his chest. What Adam told me chilled me to the core.

Smiddy confessed, “Smoothy I don’t know what’s wrong but for a while now I have had this really uncomfortable bloated feeling”.

I was shocked, as I knew his cancer had been in check for 6 months and Smiddy had even started light training again.

Mate, promise me you will get to the doctor and get it checked out”? I said.

Less than 5 weeks later my buddy passed away. The cancer, as we were sitting there chatting, was literally spreading to his vital organs, taking possession of tissues that it had no right to be invading, and working on robbing the world of one of the nicest blokes I ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Don't waste one precious second!
Back in 2006 I was angry that my mate was taken away from me in the prime of his life. The old saying, ‘It is just not fair,’ rings ever so true. I channelled that anger into creating the Smiling for Smiddy Challenge in remembrance of my dear mate Adam. I miss my mate dearly each and every day, but especially on his anniversary. Each anniversary I remind myself of the promise I made to myself at his funeral; not to waste one single solitary moment of my waking life. Since August 6, 2006 I can honestly attest to the fact I have lived up to that promise.

Lastly, just keep putting your heart and soul into life and let those closest to you know just how special they are each and every day.


The Smiddy Circle

This year we are inviting our supporters to continue this journey with us and make an ongoing commitment to funding cancer research through a monthly donation to the Smiddy Circle.

Through the Smiddy Circle we aim to raise $90 000 to fund an important cancer research fellowship at Mater. The fellowship will allow leading clinicians to undertake cancer research that have national and international impact.

Furthermore, if we can grow this circle it will provide a reliable source of funds to fund more fellowships and research projects, giving Mater scientists the funding they need to follow

Click here to join the Smiddy Circle. http://www.smiddy.org.au/page/get-involved/Join_the_Smiddy_Circle/

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