Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Distance: 167 kilometres
Average speed: 24.4 kmph
Maximum speed: 78 kmph
Temperature Minimum - 16
Temperature Maximum - 25
Metres climbed: 1967
Ride time: 6:50:54
Wind direction: Everything but predominately killer crosswinds.

Blog written by Bryan "Walter" Humphrey

Our Search for the Holy Grail

The journey has taken six years so far
Since soothsayer Sharkey pronounced its time
We rode after resting in Hobart town
South west snow and driving sleet left behind
Still bruised from Wellington's high battle ground
After words from Sir Rohan of the Mater
And farewells from the Reeve and Boyd
We followed the lead of tenacious Tim
and meandered along river paths
glancing at the mountains and perhaps our doom

We followed the siren sisters pulsing light
The lure of C and L a compulsive entice
Rupert the willing led the first charge
up precipitous cliffs of Bust a Gall
then returned as shepherd looking after the flock
Also assisting was Sambo the steady
and Shannon our true Shepard
Andrew the younger flew on new legs
meditative Mick tapped out a rhythm
followed closely behind by meticulous Mel
and the soporific arc of slow pedal Tom
Our rear was protected from demons and orcs
by Kevin of the dwarves and Oracle Bob

The next battle ground was Black Charlies's opening
Where Paula the Petite of Anandale
Sweared a vow of silence if she could defeat
Maso the magician to the summit
Wise man that he was he let her win
Masterful Matt set a cracking pace
Fearless Nat, Commander of the descent
just waited her chance, with down hill Mel
and the flying Flynn just kept in reserve
Nicole the dependable kept up a beat
While Watto the wicked regretted night's folly
Melodious Marko showed strength where it counts
While Greg of the order of the quip coughed on

Our caravan of supporters keep our mission alive
Lady Jess of Bardon schedules our inns
Queen Maria of Smiddy plans so well
Bountiful harvest Bec nourishes souls
and still we follow the siren sisters call

Over the hills we are greeted by Lona
of the Galmorgan- Spring Bay Shire
With Angela's magic, tables overflowed
sausage rolls, cakes and breads, a feast to sustain
With inspiring words from Mayor Bertaind
we set off anew with a wind up our bums
and soon reached Orford RoadHouse to recoup
with magical drinks supplied by Jenny
Deputy mayor and kind words of support

In the afternoon the gods conspired
to combine the winds from the north and the west
Our steeds were learning as we fought the wind
Lisa the courageous inspired us all
and Peter goodwill rejoined us to ride
Princess Katie of Davonport rode to the front
and led the pilgrims down unknown roads
We met Peter the ferry man and Robert too
Who steered their longboats across fiords and more
to the delightful Warren summer palace
where we were all hugged by Queen Tammy
and given good cheer by Princesses Aimee and Melanie
with ales from our cheerful hosts Pat and Ken
The tables groaned with the weight of feast
the hounds hovered feverishly to get
the dropped morsels just ahead of Greg of the quip
Bad Sir Bryan the Bard nana napped in peace
as Sammy J the healer flexed magic hands

Tomorrow the quest continues with zeal
with a future challenge by the clydesdales
to the thin necks likely to be fierce
but the overall drive which unites these crusaders
is to find the holy grail of a cure
for the scourge of cancer that has touched us all.

Sir Walter

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