Sunday, 31 August 2014

2014 Bottlemart Smiddy Challenge - Day 2 - Nanango to Eidsvold

Day 2 Nanango to Eidsvold
Today’s Blog is brought to you from the A Team, Adrian and Alicia AKA Shrek and Princess Fiona\

Stats of the Day by Dave ‘Stinky’ Colahan who has now found his instruction manual for his Garmin.
Elapsed Time: 11 hours 21 minutes
Moving Time: 8 hours 42 minutes
Average Speed: 27.7km p/h lets call it 28km
Total Distance: 241km
Vertical Gain: 2,200 metres climbed
Minimum temperature: 2 degrees
Maximum Temperature: 34 Degrees

Road Kill Count by Jarrod Covey and Megan Wallace
A quieter day on the road for our road crew captains attributed to recent rains in the area
• 15 roos
• 1 echidna
• 1.5 lizards
• 1 snake
• 1 of Jack’s waterbottles
• Covey’s legs
• 1 rabbit
• 1 fish (suspected to be the first in Smiddy history)
• Lots of bad smells, particularly in the last half hour!

Category Jerseys
Spirit Jersey awarded to Bec, who despite recently losing her Grandfather still came to support the team
The Mateship Jersey went to Garath – supporting his mate when it was needed most – the climb at 180km.
The Teamwork Award went to Gleeso – consistent and supportive of all riders and for really getting what Smiddy is all about.

Guest Speakers
Jason – spoke about his fight with Leukemia, a personal account of his treatment and positive view on life and support of his mate

Paul – lost his grandfather to cancer and his mother has fought ovarian cancer due to distance he was unable to be by their sides and recently took his daughter back to America for the first time.

Day 2 dawned and from the swags we emerged to breakfast courtesy of our kind hosts Mark and Deserli and the team at the Nanango Showgrounds. Mark relinquished his role as chief bell ringer and for the first time Deserli got us on our way. It was a chilly 2 degrees as we rolled out rugged up for the long day ahead.

The thought of 241km was on everyone’s mind but you would not have noticed as the front of the peloton kicked off the day with a consistent start to get us going and warm up the legs.
With the morning questions of how did you sleep last night, Adrian stopped at Gareth when he was asked. “Zane and I slept together in a double bed with day glow stars on the ceiling”. ……that was enough for me. I can see why they are best mates, which was again highlighted later that day when Garth supported Zane in his quest to conquer the mountain.

By morning tea the peloton had hit it straps and with a few pinchers we were in Goomeri.
Between morning tea and lunch there was some funny business going on as Mel and MegZ found a way to pass the time with some laughs…. the cackle was unveiled! What a pleasure to hear. That must have spurred the group on as before we knew it we were 20mins early for lunch. Again our team of volunteers and number one supporters, undeterred ensured we were quickly provided with fuel to get us on our way.

Over half way and finally we got to Gayndah, home of the big Mandarin and the Manda – Inn! It was a nervous ride from there as the days big climb loomed, here we saw again the Smiddy spirit. It was all “hand on deck” as the temperature had climbed above 30 degrees, the sun in our faces and tired legs were already screaming. The team worked together and it was exhausted group as we headed into Munduberra for afternoon tea. Another great spread was provided with all hands drawn to anything with a high sugar content!

High on sugar and 37km to go, once again a cracking pace saw the peloton arrive in Eidsvold in daylight. A photo at the welcome to Eidsvold sign in daylight had not been taken in years.
Tonight the group has been split between the caravan park and the showgrounds, dinner was hosted by the Lions Club with a fantastic BBQ in the park.

Overall a redonkulous day, with average speed of 28km/hr for a 240km ride. Thanks to all for a memorable day on the bike….. Shrek and Princess Fiona (and we are now joined by Donkey)

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