Friday, 24 April 2015



Statistics for the day:

Distance: 156 km's
Ave speed: 24 km/h
Max Speed: 87km/h
Elevation climbed: 1566 metres
Ride time: 6:30:00
Min temp: 12 degrees
Max temp: 28 degrees

Roll out was scheduled for a 6am start and we left right on time at 6:15! Mike Dyer was given the honour of ringing the cow bell and he proceeded to wake up the entire complex to ensure that our non cycling guests hated cyclists even more. Meanwhile Phil Anderson commented to me that in the Southern States, Victoria in particular, the state where Phil is from, they like to roll out at 8:30 or even 9am. He thinks Queenslander's are kind of a little weird with our early starts. But as I pointed out, if we start early, it means more socialising
and a few more shandies in the afternoon, or maybe even an afternoon kip or a swim down at the beach. Anyway all were happy and life is good, as after all, it is a Friday and none of the peloton were at work.

The magically weather continues
Just like yesterday the peloton rolled out in picture perfect conditions. All that was required were cycling knicks and a jersey and anyone that wore wind jackets had removed them well before morning tea, which was at the 60km point of the ride in Dagun; an old historic town with the road crew setting up at the closed down Dagun tourist railway line.

Today's ever changing course
So the entire route today was mapped out to include as many hills as possible; more up than down, more steep than not and if there was a dirt road then we were riding it! Did not matter if that said dirt road had a climb of 16% gradient in it and tyre slippage ensured. Did not matter that we were on road bikes and traveling up and down roads that the early settlers used back in the 1800 hundreds. All that mattered was that we kept moving forward and with a smile - for some a grimace- on our faces and enjoyed the fact that it was indeed, still a Friday and we were not at work! Thanks to the Kill Man for coming up with a course today that definitely had a Paris-Roubaix feel to it.

Kin Kin here we come come for some lunch lunch
From morning tea to lunch was more of the same, with quite a few sections of go-at-your-own pace. It was on these sections that some kamikaze antics by riders with no talent took on the likes of the great Row Man, The Cross Man and the Pretty Man, with the outcome always going to be the Man Club 1,2,3 and said unnamed riders drifting back to the safety of the peloton. Road crew once again chose a great place to set up for lunch at the local sports oval at Kin Kin. With 109 kilometres in our legs and close to 2000 metres of climbing, lunch was always going to be a welcome stop. It was here that I jumped in the front vehicle and began this blog. Actually I am a little annoyed, as Geevsey keeps hitting all the bumps and making it hard for me to type up this report. Talk about no respect for his esteemed passenger!

Goodbye Kin Kin, Hello Noosa.
From lunch to Noosa was a further 46 kilometres, the camels back had been broken and the rider group, as Geevsey calls them over the two-way radio, were riding well and enjoying the downhill run into Noosa. I popped out and rejoined the group for the remaining 15 kilometres into the RACV resort, which we rolled into at 2:30pm and Mr 'Late Start' Anderson could now see the proof in the pudding at our reasons for an early start. Thank you to Christine and James Ramsay for taking on the honour of leading the Smiddy huddle. Christine spoke about being an oncology nurse and witnessing suffering each and every day that pales into significance any bad day that us as riders may go through on the bike. While James spoke about the research side of his job and confirmed that his many years in the research lab had indeed brought about many positive early warning tests that where saving lives right now as we speak.

Today is award day and the following riders won these very deserving awards:

Jos Lablache won the last person ready in the morning award.

Geevsey won the roundabout in Noosa award, for taking the group for a lap around one of them before we were even out of Noosa as he decided which way to go.

Pretty Boy won the first rider leader to crack award, when at morning tea he had to get his sore poor little calf attended to with some pretty Sammi-Jo pink strapping tape.

Kristine Ramsay definitely won the most guts and determination not to get in the van award. The pace is clearly too fast for Kristine but she refuses to give in and we all admire her incredible efforts and stubborness.

Her husband James wins the husband who pushes his Wife up the most hills award. Always by her side he has been an amazingly supportive hand husband.

Gytey wins the 'first in the car with Kevvy' award, blaming mechanical failure, but seriously, I think he was still sulking about finding out the truth yesterday that he has puny guns...

Jos and myself were a tie for second in the vaning award when both of us vaned it from lunch.

The name Michael win the most popular name on the Noosa Smiddy award with four Michaels having to share the glory. David was a close second with three and Mark a close third with two. Although I should point out that the two Mark's are without doubt more handsome than any Michael and David and that accounts for extra points so the two Mark's are the winner. Sorry Michael's...

Michael Cooper takes out the most chuffed and happy to be asked to wear a rider radio award. Dom was beside himself with excitement and he never tired of telling anyone that would listen how happy he was to be asked. But seriously thank you Michael, you did an awesome job.

Rowan Foster takes out the award for smashing the most rider's brave or silly enough to take him on in the multiple sprint and mountain top finishes today. Row is like a dog with a rag doll that refuses to let go.

Rowan Foster again, this time taking out the "I am only here for one and half days and leaving the group to return to Brisbane after smashing all his mates into oblivion" award. While we we will miss our good friend none will miss his legendary and painful smash fests.

Our road crew took out the best road crew on the Noosa Smiddy award. They won this by a clear margin.

Road crew again and this time Wendy and Alana win the most time spent cooking to feed 50 famished riders and their families award. Truly legendary effort of a cooking experience that began at 7:30 this morning and wasn't completed until we began eating it at seven tonight.

Shane Walsh was a popular winner in the best wheel to sit on while going downhill as I am a fat barsted award! One to be proud of for sure old mate...

And last but not least, Peter Dyer and Neil Southwell took out the; "I hear there is dirt involved in today's route, so let's not ride and sleep in and go to the beach and have a nice breakfast and lunch and not raise a sweat" award. They won this convincingly!

A great night was had by all when we did all our usual antics but this time inside the road crew unit, which luckily at the RACV are immensely huge. Thank you to Gavin Herholdt for reading out tonight's blog. For Kim Bertwhistle for delivering a great talk about her reasons for wanting to do this ride, which included her love for her Mother, who passed away recently from Melanoma and for her love of God and wanting to help out those who are less fortunate.

That's me for the night and it is now time for bed and to bottle up some energy for the famous Mapleton climb in the morning followed by an Anzac Service at 9am.

Take care.


Hi to my Sister Kay, Love you!

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