Wednesday, 20 May 2015


The Midi is upon us
If you are reading this then it can only mean one thing... Another Smiddy event must be imminent? And that event would be the sixth running of the annual Midi Smiddy. A journey where the riders and road crew will leave the UQ Aquatic Centre tomorrow morning at 6am and end up in Toowoomba, some 200 lumpy kilometres away. Then on Saturday a leisurely ride through some lovely country towns such as Pittsworth and Allora to get to Warwick some 165 kilometres away. After a night of sleeping beneath the stars in swags the peloton will ride back to Brisbane, an impressive 220 kilmetres. All up a grueling 585 kilometres of riding in just three days, and all in the name of raising funds for research at the Mater.

Shark is out!
Now this will be my only blog for this journey as I am handing over the blog responsibility to our new Smiddy leader in Cherie Nicolas. Cherie joined the team a few months ago and is already making a positive impact on the team and the events and we are very proud to welcome Cherie into the Smiddy and Mater families. You see, for this Shark, I am to miss my very first event in ten years of Smiddy events due to an injury that has me watching from the sidelines. Last weekend an old disc injury that I have in my lower back flared up, and not only can I not ride a bike, but I am unable to sit, so I cant even join in as a road crew member. I am gutted, but going against the Physio's advice suggests that to even try would be just plain stupid. Stupid I am good at! But with age does come the occasional wisp of rationality. If I'm good now I get to play later...

I know Cherie will do a great job delivering to our faithful readers of this blog the happenings of the next three days on the road. So please make Cherie feel welcome and from me a heartfelt thank you for your many years of support in following the Smiddy journey through my words.

Riders and road crew
To the riders and road crew I will so miss your incredible company and wish you all the very best for what I know will be a most rewarding Smiddy experience that will stay with you for many years to come. My thoughts go out to each and every one of the riders but you are on your own when it comes time to ascend that bloody Flagstone Creek climb up to Toowoomba after 190 kilometres!

To the Smiddy family
My thoughts go out to the entire Smiddy family, who are fighting their own epic battle as we speak. I love the Smiddy family more than mere words can ever express and their battle now just strengthens my desire within to continue what Smiddy and the Mater do best; raise funds and awareness and inspire ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things.

Take care.


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