Monday, 31 August 2015


Day 3 highlights written by Luke Horsfell and Darren Geraghty

Stats of the day by Dave “Stinky” Colahan

Elapsed time – 10:30
Moving time – 7:03
Average speed – 24.6 km
Fastest Speed – 77 km
Total distance- 173.6 km
Vertical gain – 1500 m
Min temp – 0.0 degrees
Max temp – 26.0 degrees

Road Kill Count by Michael Zinc: A full kill list as read out by Michael

  • 12 Kangaroos
  • 2 Rabbits (inc Easter Bunny)
  • 1 Bag of Bones
  • 3 Birds
  • 1 Dog
  • 1 Snake
  • 2 Gold Fish (suspected)

The newly appointed Deputy and Contractor are performing to the standard required however a dark cloud continues to loom of the need for a contractor due to the low output and high cost.

Category Jerseys

Spirit Jersey: Naomi Bath

Team Jersey: Ken Woods

Mateship Jersey: Cameron Haberman

Account of the day

Day 3 began in Eidsvold with Café Maria open for yet another fantastic breakfast prepared by our wonderful and seemingly unstoppable road crew. Each morning we arrive early at Café Maria to see the crew already busily preparing the tomatoes and cheese for the all-important morning tea.  As we straddle the line to step off the conversation was thick with controversy over whose Garmin was reading the correct temperature. Ranges between -0.9 to 3 degrees were consistent across the board but the riders were happy to accept that it was very cold according to the international standard of measure for cyclist, the dribbly nose.

The ride began with an enjoyable descent with a few undulations thrown in to help warm the bones. Spirits were high, conversation was flowing with the standard “How you feeling?” simply replied with “Cold”.  Across the Challenge riders and crew the winter clothes were in full swing with the small exception of our brothers form Tassie, Tim Smith & Ollie Bodak attesting to it being quite a pleasant morning for riding.

As the sun moved higher in the sky, peeking through the trees, the riders enjoyed the warmth that the new day of riding was bringing.  As the layers were stripped back, the riders rounded a corner and stumbled upon our hardman police escort, Coppy assisted by his deputy Blair cuddling labrador puppies.  Needless to say the heckles followed as the riders whipped past.

As the riders stopped for a quick refill and toilet break the very eager Christian false started the bunch without the verbal agreement of Kevy.  Kevy quickly asserted his authority providing a much needed laugh to the Challenge riders.

On the lips of the riders throughout the day was the dubious windmill and white horse calls from Stinky Dave.  In what can only be assumed to be pre marked positions on his Garmin route map, Dave points into the distant farmland shouting “Windmill”. Now to explain a little further the riders do count windmills and white horses to pass the time and keep minds occupied however some of Dave’s calls are under review.

After a tick over the 100 km mark the Smiddy group was welcomed like rock stars to the ever vibrant Monto Primary School.  The reception received upon arrival was amazing to see; the little children’s eyes light up with excitement after our long anticipated arrival.  With a “Good Morning Mr Sharky, God Bless You” form the children, Sharky, wearing full Sharky ceremonial head dress, and Anna took the stage to share the story of Smiddy and Sun Safety. One of the more colourful responses to the sun safety questions around prevention was the use of Knee and Elbow pads much to the amusement of the surrounding adults.  As always, Monto Primary turned on the Morning Tea with an amazing mix of cakes.

As we left Monto Primary the chatter began to gain momentum around the upcoming climb over the Monto range and just when the spirit began to drop Smither’s whipped out his blue tooth speaker and iPod to raise and lift the group up the range with outstanding efforts from the hands of god and best of ground Jen for tearing holes in the field.

As we pulled over for lunch and in an attempt to perform some fully sick skids, the newly appointed Deputy Road Kill Counter Luke decided to closely inspect the gravel for quality and consistency managing to get to his feet before Sharky arrived with the camera.

As the kilometres ticked over the excitement was at an all-time high.The hotly anticipated arrival into Thangool had finally arrived with yet another roaring reception.  The games began quickly with Booba’s team tacking line honours in the Bilo trivia.

The zinc face painting again took place with the lovely children taking autographs from the riders in true rock star style.  The food was a plenty as the spread was laid out.  With the toad race to take place shortly after the hot contenders balanced the fine line of taking a race win or that extra cup cake and brownie.

As the challenge crew farewelled Thangool Primary the Toad race to Biloela was afoot.  The heavy hitters lined up as the cake eaters made their way to the back opting for a gentle roll into town. Line honours in the Road race taken by Westy in the men’s and local Biloela favourite Naomi in the women’s.

To wrap up a special mention must go to the Cameron for his incredible efforts as Challenge rider and Physio.  Cameron is not only riding but commits himself to staying up late treating others. A true example of the Smiddy spirit that keeps us all going.

Community Function Auctions:

Thangool Primary - $700

Roadside Donor - $50

Rotary Biloela - $1000

Thangool Inc - $200

CS Energy - $500

Smiddy Frame Photo Auction - $600

Smiddy Hand Made Quilt - $500

10 Years of Smiddy Photo Montage - $Undisclosed

ACDC Signed Guitar - Passed In

Michael, Principal of Thangool Primary, delivered a beautiful letter from David & Maria Smiddy from the previous year’s Challenge further acknowledging the amazing impact that Maria and David have had on the entire community.  Thank you to Thangool Primary for your wonderful donation, incredible afternoon tea and high fives.  You made each and every rider feel like a rock star and we all look forward to seeing those smiling faces in 2016. The Biloela Community also held a Lantern celebration commemorating the 10 consecutive years of Smiling for Smiddy.
Ron Page, Mayor of Banana Shire, spoke on the inspiration that Smiling for Smiddy brings to the Banana Shire.  On behalf the Banana Shire community Ron presented Smiling for Smiddy with a key to the Shire.  Thank you Ron and the Banana Shire for your continued support. Bronwyn Bates presented a beautiful handmade quilt to David Smiddy & Sharky in memory of Maria, Adam and the journey of Smiddy.  Bronwyn and Noel Bates have been incredible supporters of the Smiddy team and we thank you dearly for all your efforts.

One of the highlights for the night would have to have been Grant’s acapella performance of Pursuit of Happiness.  It definitely tested out the co-ordination of the crowd to keep the beat.

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