Monday, 20 February 2012

Smiling for Smiddy's first training day for 2012

Sunday February 19 saw an amazing turnout of 62 Smiddy riders, who were training for either the Midi, Half or main Challenge. The starting point was Adam Smiddy Park in Milton and we rolled out of there about 5:45am. Now the team at Smiddy are proud of putting on well run cycling events and we like to think that extends to the training days. Maybe it was because it was our first group ride for the year...but we showed just how on the ball we were when just 200 metres from the start I lead the group the wrong way. That would be the first of three times that my face brightened a sunburnt red as I delivered a couple of u-turns to get the large peloton back on the correct route!

But besides these minor hiccups and a touch of wheels on Coronation Drive that brought down one rider, who quickly picked himself up and soldiered on, we delivered a spot on 100km looped course that the majority of riders had never been on before. It was a day that delivered clear blue skies and low temperatures for the first two hours of riding, with the heat not rearing it’s ugly head until the last hour of the ride from 9am.

For a first up ride to attract so many Smiddy riders was very pleasing for the team at Smiddy, but what was even more pleasing was the fact that the group gelled and rode so well together, especially over the last 50km’s.

Congratulations to everyone who attended, and especially to those riders who for the very first time cracked out their first 100km ride. I would also like to thank the stronger riders who helped out and for your patience on the day. As far as I could see you all possessed the right ingredients that make up a Smiddy rider; patience, determination, friendliness and a desire to help others and do you bit for raising funds for cancer research.

Take care out on the roads.

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