Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Time to get on Strava!

I have just downloaded this new app called Strava. If you have a Garmin device, iphone or Android smartphone I invite you to sign up and join the ‘Smiling for Smiddy’ club. How cool would it be to see collectively how many kilometres and metres climbed that Smiddy riders and have ridden during the year. Now while I am not all that competent with computers and the like I have to admit that this was so easy that even I was able to work it out.

Keen to come on board? It is free and once you have signed up it is as easy as hooking up your Garmin and uploading your recent rides. For smartphones you upload via the free app or even choose to do it manually.

Here is what you do: Go to www.strava.com Click on the ‘Sign up for free’ button, fill out your details and click on ‘Create my account’. Now once you have done this you then need to join the Smiddy club, you will be directed to ‘The Dashboard’, once there click on ‘Explore’, then click on ‘Club’ then type in Smiddy and hit ‘Search’. Smiling for Smiddy will come up and once you add a ride you will automatically become a member of the Smiddy Club.

Strava is a fantastic way to log training, compare your efforts and be ranked among your fellow riders. We’ll also have a monthly Strava leaderboard for Smiddy riders @ http://cosmocatalano.com/strava/club_leaders/4125/#

Have a great day.


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