Saturday, 23 May 2015


Average: 24.7km/h
Climbing: 1017 metres
Desending: 1207 metres
Riding time: 6:07:00
Temp Min: 7 degrees
Temp Max: 24 degrees
Wind: Plenty of it either in our face or on the nose

It was another brutal day on the bike with head winds, fog and more hills. This morning we received some news that affected many of the long term Smiddy riders. As a group we all wanted to be there for them and support each another through an especially tough day.

Today's blog is a bit different because we all want to share our Smiddy experiences and reach out to the Smiddy family. Today it's not one voice that counts but all of us as a group, as a family and as a bunch of mates.

For my time in the Smiddy family, since 2008, it’s just been about putting something back. We know that there are people that survive cancer now, that didn’t a decade ago. The $7 million in funds we’ve raised in the past nine years have contributed to that. Pure and simple, no arguments. On Midi-Smiddy this year, there are a bunch of 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th timers…that’s the spirit of the Smiddy family. There’s a connection between those two things, pure and simple, no arguments.
I want our collective thoughts in this blog to reflect a message to David, that no matter how much pain he’s experiencing, that Adam and Maria’s legacy will live on, through the work we do and the ever increasing group pf people that subscribe to our need to make a difference.

Jack Geeves
I started out in the Smiddy family at the tender age of just 8 years old, when dad left for his first 8 day, the only part I knew was he was going to be gone for a week and he was going up. Now 8 years on, I’m still here and I know a lot more about what this ride is all about, I’ve watched it change from 15 mates heading up to Townsville on push bikes to 50 people riding around the countryside.
Now as I look across the room everybody head down staring at their phones contemplating why they’re here, thinking about the reasons they are here and what contribution they’ve made so far and what they can do in the future to keep this ride enduring long into the future and continue the great work that started when Mark rode up to Townville with a backpack and credit card.

Robbie (Right Brake) Lever
My reason for joining the Smiddy family was because I really admired how Sharky started the Smiddy ride in memory of Adam. I now want to acknowledge Maria and what she means to the Smiddy extended family. Over the past 10 years Sharky has been able to keep Adams memory alive and vibrant. I now want to do this for Maria’s memory and for David to know this.

Christian Killer Killeen
Good friends of mine had done the ride in 2007 and I’d heard all the stories about the ride but also about Adams battle with cancer 12 months earlier although I’d never met Adam. The thought of riding 1600 kms over 8 days sounded like a great holiday for me.
But once I’d done the ride it triggered something in side of me. I knew that I had to do it again and do it for the right reasons. While I have been fortunate with cancer and my family this scares the hell out of me. For that reason I want to ‘Pay it forward’. I want to do something before cancer does affect my family.
Now each year I ride to pay it forward, but also because I know it makes me a better person. I come back with a renewed passion, and sense of inner peace. To have the chance to ride 8 days with so many people all sharing the passion and desire to make a difference.

Ronnie Steel
The first ride I did with Sharky after Adam died we got to Home Hill and Maria asked David to make a speech. He wouldn’t so Maria made the speech instead and she spoke about Sharky and Ollie. She said Ronnie had never met Adam but was there supporting Sharky. That was what Smiddy is all about – supporting mates. It bought me to tears.

Liesa Hogg
At 37 and a mother of two beautiful daughters 8 and 10 I have seen family members and friends battle cancer, young and older and this has made me think more and more about what if I get sick, what if my kids get sick, what if my daughters have kids and get sick and knew I had to do something to contribute and teach my kids to give, encourage others to give and put in the effort and get involved. They have watched me train and they will be at the finish line and they have learned some very valuable lessons, as have I.

Sean Lever
6 years into my Smiddy journey. Inspired by Sharky to get involved in Tri’s with Purpose. Inspired by the Smiddy story from the get go. Smiddy has brought my wife Robyn and I closer together and through our fund raising efforts each year has brought the Caloundra community together. They are inspired. MY Dads battle with Battle Cancer started 6 years ago, he inspires me each day the ride gets tough. Smdidy will be a part of family for as long as we are able.

Michael Brady
Today was a tough day, I feel tougher than yesterday, but I got to witness some amazing riders soldier through their own emotional battles to physically help other riders. This embodies the Smiddy spirit and something I’m proud to have been apart of for four years. If me punishing myself on a bike can help someone I don’t know, nor will I ever know how, with their treatment or care, then I’ll go out and ride again.
I have the utmost respect for my extended Smiddy family and am so proud to be part of this family.

Barry Hume
This is my second Smiddy event, my third is later this year. A challenging, thought provoking experience that reminds me of my great friends and family that have been taken too soon. Training and taking part often feels like a sporting event, but its deeper than that. David, my thoughts are with you and your family.

Lucy Bird
Why I did Smiddy:
The Smiddy family is amazing, Unique. I first signed up for this ride as a personal challenge, a physical one. Deep down I always knew it would change my life though. It no longer is a personal achievement, but a collective one. And that is life. Together, as a group, we can achieve huge things. Smiddy will continue to do huge things. For a long time. Thank you x

Paul Craig
Way I have started riding and fund raising money for smile for smiddy. My Mum passed away from cancer when I was 14 and I have lost three other family members to cancer.And when my work mate said he was riding for smiddy I asked him about it and I was hooked. I would love it that if one kid not to lost his Mum to cancer then it's the least I could do is ride some km and raise some money.
Barry Waters
Why I wanted to support and fundraise for Smiling for Smiddy? Assist the research team at Mater in curing Cancer. Why cancer? Throughout my many years in retail and within my own personal family I have supported many with their fight against this exhausting and terriable disease. Some with great success, others loosing their battle / fighting to stay with their loved ones.
3 words tie Smiddy to A.N.Z.A.C. with what I have enormous pride and admiration for.

Chris Holmes
The reason I joined the Smiddy family 2 years ago on the Midi was to originally combine my love of cycling with a great charity and try and make a positive impact on the lives of others. I have not experienced the of cancer in my imediate family but have witnessed its devastating effects on my extended family as well as friends and colleagues. The comraderie and friends made on my first trip was a driving force for me signing up this year and for a future rides.

Louise De Costa
If the ride home tomorrow from Warrick to Brisbane is anything like today....I'm pulling a sickie!!
Today's ride from Toowoomba to Warrick was 160km of full on headwind with moments where we were given a reprieve only to turn a corner to the full on force of the wind. I actually enjoyed the first 100km. The last 60km for me called upon all the grit and sheer determination to finish. And yet again I knew my pain would end at our destination.

Today has been a very day sad for the Smiddy family. Maria Smiddy, the mother of Adam Smiddy, who was the young man of 26 years who died of an aggressive melanoma, that this foundation was set up to honour and help raise funds for cancer research died of Pancreatic cancer. My deepest condolences to Maria's family and friends.

It is for the Smiddy Family and all cancer suffers that we as individuals and as a group endure the pain that we do at different times during the ride. It is during those hard times when some of us have nothing left in the tank that we are surrounded by kind souls who are often as exhausted as we are who push you along the road. We are all here for each other.

We can't achieve what we do in life alone and it is especially true when a terrible disease like cancer strikes that we need the love and support of everyone around us.

Every dollar that is raised for cancer research may be the dollar that offers a cure or supportive services to you or your loved ones.

Tonight our hearts go out to David Smiddy, his family and his dearest friends. Tomorrow David no matter what Mother Nature delivers us we will ride with both Adam and Maria on our hearts.

Brock Yates
Today was an inspirational day in the Midi Smiddy peloton. The unfortunate news of Mrs Smiddys passing bought out the best in the group. Jarod Covey shepparded his Smiddy flock all day ensuring no one was left behind.
I worked with Adam at the PA for a short time and I only met Maria once. They were great people and left an impression on me. A lasting impression. An impression that has inspired me and my family to be a Smiddy family. RIP Maria and Adam.

Keith Hungerford
I lost a good friend in high school and a grandfather to cancer and have seen friends suffer through treatments for the disease. Smiddy means great mates getting out there working hard and doing something awesome for society and fighting against a common foe.

Anthony Woodbury
My Smiddy adventure started out as just a good reason to go for a ride, I would get a day off work by riding for a good cause. I have lost some family friends to cancer and couldn’t think of a better reason to go for a ride. But since I attended the orientation night and the first training ride, being part of Smiling for Smiddy has become more than just going for a ride, seeing how the riders and road crew look after each other is awesome and I feel very privaliged to part of such an amazing and genuine group and I can’t wait to do it all again next year.

Today was a difficult day out on the road for our cyclists, because of the wind. However due to the conditions quite a number of the riders sought refuge in the sag wagon. This gave me a chance to reflect on my past nine years of involvement with Smiddy events and I was able to share with them the experiences that I’ve spent with Maria and David. My thoughts and prayers are with David and the extended family.

Melissa Crossman
Every person in the Smiddy peloton comes from a place called Super Amazing Awesomeland. We each have our own reasons for being here but out on the road in the worst possible conditions the spirit and camaraderie come together to produce something awesome. These are the people that keep these rides going and keep me coming back. I wish this could be bottled and hand delivered to every cancer sufferer and their loved ones to help get them through. But even better than this is that the net result of partaking in a Smiddy ride is contributing to a future where cancer doesn't exist and who wouldn't want to experience that!

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