Sunday, 24 May 2015


Distance:217 km's
Average: 27.2 km/h
Climbing: 1791 metres
Descending: 2220 metres
Riding time: 7hr 57min
Temp Min: 3 degrees, our warmest start ever out of Warwick.
Temp Max: 24 degrees

The morning started perfectly with riders and road crew emerging from their swags to home made porridge and pancakes for breakfast. For most of the riders and road crew it was the first time sleeping in a swag and even though we slept indoors in the Warwick Redback AFL club rooms it was a great experience. Noise cancelling headphones are a great invention and my only complaint was the pillow but that can be easily fixed. The youngest member of the road crew, Jack Geeves, proved to be an expert swag roller-upper and not even Kevie could find a fault with his work.

Day 3 of the Midi Smiddy was meant to be another day of brutal head winds and freezing cold weather because Geevesy said so then he realised he was looking at the Gold Coast marine forecast. Thanks Geevesy! Instead the riders had a perfect day of riding with clear blue skies and the occasional breeze. At every stop they had to take another layer off as it got warmer and warmer. To quote Krista "the riders had a sprinkle of speedy" today as the road crew had to race to keep ahead of them and have the next food stop ready in time. There were plenty of smiles as they pulled in to more home bake and the famous Smiddy sandwiches.

The previous night we had celebrated Lydia's 18th birthday with cake, candles and a loud rendition of happy birthday. Today was Chris 'pretty boy' Holmes birthday but he had to make do with left over cake with with pink icing. Sorry Chris!

Midi Smiddy is Lucy Bird's first Smiddy event and the longest cycle she had ever attempted. Lucy proved to be strong and determined on the bike and equally with fundraising. By Saturday she had raised over $7,000 for cancer research and rode all 3 days regardless of how much it hurt. Lucy was awarded the very special Smiddy Spirit jersey and is one of the select few who wore this jersey home on the last day.

All the riders proved themselves to be true Smiddy family members by smiling through 2 tough days on the bike and supporting one another all the way. There are many potential Challenge riders in this peloton who feel ready to step up and take on the ultimate Smiddy event riding from Brisbane to Townsville. I believe they have qualified and are ready to do this incredible event so I look forward to seeing them there in 2016!

Day 3 finished with a wonderful welcome at UQ Aquatic centre with all the riders' family members turning up to see them arrive as well as many previous Smiddy riders. There were banners, flowers, champagne and tears for many and a great BBQ by the Lions Club. Sharky and his lovely wife Alyssa were there to welcome everyone home. The final huddle was huge with absolutely everyone joining in.

It was a wonderful end to 3 days of fun, friendship, head winds, long days on the bike, fantastic food and great times.

Sharky's temporary replacement is signing off and expect Sharky back for the Challenge event in September.


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  1. My family holds our own riding/touring event either on bikes or cars depending on how old the family members are who tag along. We organize it as a yearly event often during long school holidays to include everyone in. I can still recall the fun experiences we had gone through with the great food we had stocked up in storage and most importantly was the company that we all enjoyed.