Friday, 17 March 2017

2017 New Zealand Smiddy Challenge—we've arrived!

Having a wheelie good time at the airport!
It’s official, the Smiddy team have landed in New Zealand ahead of the 44 riders making up this year’s NZ Smiddy Challenge rolling out of Christchurch on Monday morning!

The sun was barely in the sky when Christian, Krista, Wendy, Kev and Sammi-Jo wheeled their bags, bikes and boxes into Brisbane International Airport on Thursday morning, unaware that there was a surprise waiting for them in the Departures Lounge.

First came the cry of "Smiddy! Smiddy! Smiddy!", and then they spotted the 'I heart Smiling for Smiddy' tees and discovered Brooke (Canadian Brooke, not Australian Brooke) had rallied a five-woman cheer squad to turn up at the airport before 6am for a surprise send-off.

The cheer squad ... Australian Brooke, Emma, Jeannette, Canadian Brooke and Kelly.
While the team back home keep the office running, Christian and Krista have hit the streets of Christchurch where Krista managed to snap Killer trying to get his ducks in a row before the riders arrive over the weekend.

Killer's ducks are definitely not in a row!
With Sharky out of action back in Brisbane, we'll be handing the keyboard over to a handful of our riders who will share daily blog updates from the peloton as they make their way through the stunning Southern Alps south to Queenstown.

You can also follow their adventure on the Smiling for Smiddy Facebook page.

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