Tuesday, 21 March 2017

2017 New Zealand Smiddy Challenge - a message from Sharky

The Smiddy peloton continues to wind its way south; yesterday they conquered 144km to reach Methven, a small town in the Canterbury region of the South Island where they celebrated Phil Anderson's birthday. 
After a good night’s sleep, they had a wet and cold start to today but were headed for blue skies at Lake Tekapo. Given the town has less than 370 residents, we’re pretty sure they all knew when Team Smiddy rolled in.
Limited WiFi means we’re yet to receive an update on Day 1, but we thought we'd share this poem from Sharky who is stuck back in Brisbane after being diagnosed with Ross River Fever. Thankfully he’s got daughter Estelle (aka Sharkette) to keep him entertained!

There was an old man named Shark
Who, we all know, can be a bit of a lark
Now off to NZ, he was meant to go
But his body had other ideas, did you know?
A visit to Townsville - A mosquito did bite
Sharky blood, it took, in the morning light
A week later, Shark was not feeling well
Off to the Quack, blood test did tell
Ross River Fever, a present from that bloody Mozzie!
His preference? A strapping from his good Father Ozzie.
So Shark in NZ... this year... is a no go!
Instead time with his daughter Estelle, ho ho!
To the NZ Smiddy riders, I wish you all the best
5 days on the road, a physical and mental test
Thank you for your support of Smiddy and the Mater
What you do, is a real heart starter
For those in need, rely on you
Funding for research, to see them through
Take care my Smiddy friends, I'll be supporting from afar
Keeping an eye on you all, don't spend too long at the bar!
Oh and please, help that Phil Anderson guy
He'll tell you he can ride a bike... It's all a lie
Lastly you guys are in good hands, I know
Smiddy road crew, put on quite a show
Take care my friends, you are simply the best
Good luck everyone in conquering your NZ 

It may not look like it, but Estelle is super excited to be hanging out with dad Sharky! 

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